In continuation of a very successful series of 5 conferences in Europe and overseas, we invite you to participate in Diffusion Fundamentals VI, scheduled for August 23rd – 26th, 2015 in Dresden/Germany


As a ubiquitous process of random movement, ranging from molecular up to macroscopic and even cosmic scales, diffusion is key to spreading phenomena in quite diverse areas. Bringing together scientists from disciplines as different as archaeology, ecology, epidemics, ethnology, linguistics and sociology with biologists, chemists, physicists, mathematicians and engineers, Diffusion Fundamentals VI is scheduled to highlight the astonishingly similar patterns of spreading phenomena in Humanities, Natural Sciences and Engineering. 


Confirmed Invited Speakers

  • Dirk Brockmann, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany
  • Frank Cichos, University of Leipzig, Germany
  • Marc-Olivier Coppens, University College London, UK
  • Joaquim Fort, University of Girona, Spain
  • Albrecht Fritzsche, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany
  • Russel Gray, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Jena, Germany
  • Detlef Gronenborn, Roman-German Central Museum / University of Mainz, Germany
  • Shlomo Havlin, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
  • Anne Kandler, City University London, UK
  • Rainer Klages, Queen Mary University of London, UK
  • Rajamani Krishna, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Klaus Kroy, University of Leipzig, Germany
  • Michael Leitner, Technical University Munich, Germany
  • Carsten Lemmen, Helmholtz Centre Geesthacht, Germany
  • Philipp Maass, University of Osnabrück, Germany
  • Hernán Makse, City College of New York, NY - USA
  • Christoph Neinhuis, Technical University of Dresden, Germany
  • Charles Nicholson, NYU Langone Medical Center, New York, NY - USA
  • William (Bill) S. Price, University of Western Sydney, NSW - Australia
  • Anita Roth-Nebelsick, State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart, Germany
  • Martin Schnittler, University of Greifswald, Germany
  • Manfred Wendisch, University of Leipzig, Germany
  • Søren Wichmann, Leiden University, The Netherlands

Local Organization

  • Jürgen Caro, Cornelia Breitkopf, Eike Brunner, Grit Kalies, Stefan Kaskel, Christoph Neinhuis, Lutz Schiffer, Hans Wiesmeth

Scientific Committee

  • Jörg Kärger, Armin Bunde, Jürgen Caro, Christian Chmelik, Gero Vogl