Diffusion Fundamentals V

Basic Principles of Theory, Experiment and Application

August 26rd - 28th, 2013; Leipzig, Germany

Chairmen Frank Cichos, Klaus Kroy

Diffusion is an ubiquitous dynamic transport process that shapes structures from the molecular to macroscopic and cosmic scales. In the context of soft matter physics, we often encounter it in the form of Brownian motion. Floppy meso-structures excited by thermal noise give rise to slow complex dynamics, susceptible to weak perturbations through heterogeneities and external fields. Diffusion Fundamentals V will cover a selection out of a large range of diffusion-related topics, including fundamental aspects as well as applications. The current program includes 6 different research areas covered by outstanding international scientists: 1. Active Brownian Motion, 2. Dynamics in Social and Animal Systems, 3.Biophysics & Single Molecules, 4.Nanopores and Nanoprobes, 5. Diffusion in Material Science and 6. Fluctuations, Optical Traps, Hot Colloids.

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